Yellow Pages Braille, 2005 - Eco art works that were selected as a finalist in Blind Art’s inaugural competition and exhibition. Sense & Sensuality 2005 was held at the Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art in March 2005. The competition was open to all artists, blind, partially sighted and sighted, to create work specifically for the visually impaired audience. Two and three-dimensional works carried out in any medium including photography, painting, video, sculpture and installation were welcome.

This artwork recreates braille, each tactile piece is produced from expired Yellow Pages and reads the words Yellow Pages.

The project was a runway success with unprecedented international broadcast and print media coverage for a six-day exhibition, reaching an approximate 25 million people worldwide. 

It received an average of 1000 visitors per day. The inclusiveness of the exhibition, the variety and quality of the works, and the opportunity not only to see, but also to touch, listen to and smell contemporary art, provoked a joyous reaction from visitors and endorsement from the arts world and disability sector.